Carey Baptist Church, Carey Street, Reading RG1 7JS

For children in school year 6 – 8. We like to chat and discuss things. We learn what it is to be a Christian and how to follow Jesus at school and at home. Towards the end of the year we get ready for joining the morning services and our leaders help us do this. We learn what a church is for and what happens in a service. We get help learning to listen to sermons and then we join the morning service, normally at the end of school year 8.

About Carey Baptist Church

We are an international church with a passion for teaching God's word and sharing the good news about Jesus. We have activities for children and young people and something for everyone, whatever stage of life you are at. We love being a part of our local community and welcoming people into our different activities at the Oasis cafe. We also offer English language classes.