Organised by St Nicolas Church
St Nicolas Church, Sutcliffe Avenue, Earley Reading, RG6 7JN
Sunday, Wednesday

Sundays 8am Communion: a said service with a talk (45 mins)
This is a smaller, quieter service with more space and stillness, prayers and a talk. It is friendly and open to all.

Sundays 10am Holy Communion (75 mins)
This is a livelier service, with songs, traditional and modern, prayers, and a talk. It is family friendly with an area with activities and toys for younger members of the congregation

Wednesdays at 11.00am Communion and Coffee
A communion service with songs and a talk, and a friendly group of people that stay around for refreshments

About St Nicolas Church

We are a lively and growing church on the eastern outskirts of Reading with a congregation drawn from diverse backgrounds. We are growing not just in terms of numbers but of also in faith, and a deepening sense of our spiritual identity.