Abbey Baptist Church, Reading, Abbey Square, Reading RG1 3BE

A quiet shared space where it's ok to not be ok. Every Wednesday from 10.00am, - 12noon the Abbey cafe space by the Holy Brook becomes a community space for a variety of hobbies and activities. Anyone is welcome to share a hobby or share a skill or join a workshop or activity. You can come and relax and chat or enjoy the peace in our quiet area. The Well-being Cafe is free to all.


About Abbey Baptist Church, Reading

We are a community worshipping in the centre of Reading, in the historic Abbey Quarter.

We meet in a modern building, but the church's history goes back to 1640 when it was the first Baptist Church to be formed in Reading, in a time of great social, civil, political and religious unrest.
Times have changed, yet we are committed to the same essential task to which those early Baptists set their hands - prayer, worship, mutual care and the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ.