Shift Youth + Community,

Dealing with Depression is a 6 week course that is designed to provide you with information, and a space to belong so you are empowered to make choices about how to move forward. We look at everything from what depression is, to ways of dealing with it, such as medication and talking therapies. We will also explore faith and depression; how faith impacts depression and vice versa. The course is delivered through podcasts with some weeks also having accompanying worksheets, and the hope is that everyone will be able to do the course with a small group of friends as there is time for sharing as well. This course is not the be all and end all for your recovery, it is just one tool that might help.

About Shift Youth + Community

We are a Christian new monastic and missional organisation.

We base ourselves in local communities and work with churches, schools and other agencies to provide the best opportunities for young people and communities to find their purpose and their voice.

We believe changing lives by transforming culture is possible – and we want to show you how.