Organised by ReadiFood
ReadiFood, 31- 33 Boulton Road RG2 0NH

ReadiFood is a “by referral only” service.

You cannot order a parcel for yourself

We need you to approach someone at Reading Borough Council, Social Services, the Job Centre, Doctor, School, or indeed any professional body/agency who will be able to vouch for your need.

HOWEVER, if you feel your need is desperate call the office on 0118 987 2672 and we can assess your need and may offer a one off parcel and point you in the direction of the right agency for you to contact to gain a referral.

About ReadiFood

ReadiFood is a ministry of Faith Christian Group a registered CIO based in Reading Berkshire

We operate as part of and on behalf of the Churches of Reading to provide services which individual churches alone would not be able to provide

ReadiFood is an independent Food Bank providing food parcels to those in severe need in the greater Reading area